Food and Conversation

Nothing – Not a conversation, not a handshake, or even a hug – establishes friendship so forcefully as eating together.”  Jonathan Safran Foer

Ethnic Out to Lunch

This group meet on the First Monday of the month and is for the adventurous eater who isn’t shy to try small ethnic eateries in hidden spots in the city.  Some of the best ethnic food is hard to find on your own but with a little research, we can enjoy a delicious can’t miss experience together.  Like to try Ethiopian, Russian, Korean, Jamaican?  Have your own places to recommend?  Join us for lunch!

  • Chair: Jeannie Cho

Let’s Do Tea

This group meets every other month beginning November 2017 to enjoy teatime at local tea houses. If you are interested in joining this group or would like more information, please contact the co-chairs.

  • Chairs: Carolyn Holm and Betty Laughlin

New Member Group (open to all)

This group holds a morning coffee hour and a evening happy hour/potluck once a month for prospective members, new members or members who still feel they are new! We meet at Mercer Island coffee shops and member’s homes. Meeting time/location vary. Come meet new friends and learn about Mercer Island.

Out to Lunch Bunch

Meet old friends and build new friendships on the 4th Thursday of each month at an interesting restaurant in the Seattle area. This group does NOT meet July, August, November and December. Meet at noon at the restaurant or at 11:30 at the Presbyterian Church parking lot to carpool.

  • Chair:  Margaret Wiecks (would like to pass to a new chair)

Salad and Socializing

S&S Thursday group MIWC
S&S Thursday group MIWC

Small groups meet once a month for lunch in one another’s homes. Bring a salad to share. This is a wonderful way to get to know more club members. Groups pick their meeting day.

  • Chairs: Kick-Off Event – Bonnie Sorba and Elizabeth Perozek
  • Group Scheduler – Mandy Chivers


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